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Cornerstone Diving Club offers year-round springboard diving training in West Hartford, CT at the Cornerstone Aquatics Center. Team practice times vary throughout the year depending on the season. We offer Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring programs. Our training equipment currently includes three one-meter diving boards, a trampoline with a safety harness and spotting apparatus, and a live video training and feedback system. 


JO Team - Our JO Team trains advanced divers who are ready to compete in USA Diving Regionals, Zones, and National JO Championships. This team of dedicated athletes is selected on an invitation basis.

Pre - JO Team - Our Pre-JO Team trains novice divers to prepare them for competition in their respective age-group. Ex-gymnasts and dancers are highly encouraged to apply.


Fast Track Beginner Team - Our Fast Track Beginner Team learns the key fundamentals required in springboard diving in order to advance to a successful competitive level. Beginners are eligible to compete in USA Diving's Future Championship events where simple but important skills are used rather than formal dives. An example of a skill is a standing front jump with swinging arms.


TinyRips Team - Lastly is our TinyRips Team. This is a semi-private lesson program for six to eight-year-olds to get a head start in diving. Trampoline safety belts are used to learn important skills and fundamentals that can be quickly transferred to the diving board.


We prepare all of our athletes for a time when the Olympic mindset becomes as important as the skills mastered - a mindset suited for a lifetime of admirable pursuits.

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